Company profile
Berko Co., Ltd belongs to the Rojanastien family under the baton of Ms Ora Rojanastien and her dynamic team. Ms Ora has developed the land where the familys guest house used to be and pursued it to a greater scale. The project kicked off 20 years ago with the birth of Fifty Fifth Condominium and Fifty Fifth Plaza on that particular piece of land on the corner of Thonglor Soi 2.

Then, Thonglor road recently got expanded and Fifty Fifth Plaza was amongst the very first plazas on Thonglor. Strive to serve the community as a lifestyle hub for those living around the area at that time, Ms. Ora foresees also that Thonglor would have become the Food Street of the city in the very near future. Hence, Fifty Fifth Plaza, then, was developed to be the center of restaurants for people from all walks of life which had commemorated the success of the project in being the perfect plaza for every family out and about. Time flies and has proved that Ms. Oras vision has been materialized immensely. Thonglor now is renowned and very well accepted for its one-after-another restaurants, apart from being one of the core business streets in Bangkok.

Emerge along the way were several community malls on Thonglor which help add up the popularity of the street. In 2012, Fifty Fifth Plaza celebrates its 20th anniversary with a fresh revamp, both the building and the service, in order to modernize each and every chore for a more happening outcome.

The revamp plan is done under the Family Caring Lifestyle Mall concept with the brand new bespoke name 55 Thonglor to reckon and emphasize the fact of being the very first meeting place on Thonglor where convenient in all means was being served to client of all ages.