Conceptual Design
With the thorough understanding of the nature of this business and its alliances, the architect realizes that most of the clients to this place are those family living within the area, be it the elites as well as the expatriates especially the Japanese. Therefore, the concept of Family Caring Lifestyle Mall was initiated with modern twist in the design to contribute a lively lifestyle mall while dynamic function is at the core.

The building on the outside would be done in a stylish simple style with a hint of the form of the building to draw attention. The use of modern material plus those with interesting texture would go along well with the outdoor lighting. Last but not least, the functional spaces inside have to serve the clients to the maximum i.e. replacing the steep stairs with escalator, the corridor space is transformed into promotion area which would get changed seasonal.

The interior of the building would still remain with the plaza glimpse, catering with wide and airy walkways along the shops on both sides - perfect as a shopping paradise. The ceiling is decorated to be the skylight throughout both the walkways, giving the feeling of walking outdoor. The lighting is also carefully selected to be as close to nature as possible. The main color scheme used would be white, following Bright and Clean concept, highlighting with the original hue of each material. With warm lighting to attempt natural touch, the place is surely an at-ease spot to unwind.

The logo of 55 Thonglor

55 Thonglor is the avenue where every member of the family could find tune to relax, thus, the concept of the logo was Centralized Happiness that portrays the happiness of all ages through colorful blocks which surround the digit 55 in the middle. The outline bares a cubic, as if the 55 Thonglor is a gift where everyones happiness is beheld.


55 Thonglor is built on 1 rai, 1 ngan and 74sqm piece of land on Thonglor Soi 2, only 200 meters from BTS station, thus, being the closest one to the BTS station in Thonglor.

The project : 5 Storey with parking spaces on G floor. Great landscape planned.

Project worth : over Bt50 million

Space : 9,000 sqm

Number of shop : over 20

Parking Space : around 120

Zoning Concept

1F Lifestyle Zone, Restaurant Zone and Activity Ground
2F Health & Beauty and Restaurant Zone
3F 4F Edutainment Zone