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  • BSM (Bangkok Sports Massage)
    Ws,Bangkok Sports Massage (BSM) Bangkok’s first sports-centric massage facility for all athletes.BSM offers massage services to ease muscular aches and pains specifically for athletes. Our massages also help athletes recover faster from high intensity training or races, and help prevent injuries with regular therapy. Services are provided by a physiotherapist, and massage therapists trained in sports massage.

    • Sports massage to prepare for sporting events
    • Sports massage post event to relax muscle tension and assist in recovery
    • Sports massage and therapy to ease pain using the same medical grade ultrasound and electrotherapy equipment used in top hospitals
    • Aroma oil, migraine an office syndrome therapy massage

    Relax after a hard workout.
    Prepare for a race.
    Recover faster.
    Prevent injuries.
    Perform better.

    ชั้น 2 @ Fifty Fifth Thonglor
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    ** Tel. 02 726 9390

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